A week wallet-free

A discussion was raised at dinner last week, about why women have much bigger purses than men. Do we really have needs so different that I need to carry around a massive wallet and my friends get to carry a few cards in their phone case? So I decided to do an experiment, can I go a week without my wallet?

It made me wonder, I have an app on my phone that keeps all my loyalty cards, my bank has Android pay and I don’t really ever have cash anymore so what difference does it make? Now I’m not talking about my bag (that I would definitely be lost without, I have too much stuff in there), but there isn’t much in my wallet that I really need to have with me.

To prepare for this, I went through my wallet and made sure that I had all my cards stored on my phone (I use Stocard) and added my emergency card to Android Pay. At the end of this, I’m left with just my business card holder containing my license (sadly I can’t use a digital copy of this), my SmartRider, $15 in notes and several of my business cards (I never go anywhere without them. Needless to say I think this’ll be an interesting week.


Day One: Wednesday

For the most part, day one had no hiccups as I was home sick so spent the day on the couch (not much need for a wallet), but in the evening I was off for girls movie night so got to give my new setup a go. My first hitch was heading out the door when I did my “phone, wallet, keys” check; it felt very weird not having my wallet with me. A quick stop at Kmart gave me my first chance to use my phone as both a card and a loyalty card. It also made me realise that I was limited by how much I could spend before I was no longer able to use PayPass and I definitely wasn’t allowed to get any cash out.

I’d already booked the tickets online so just had them on my phone (part of my paper-free change last year)  so didn’t get the chance to try using a virtual loyalty card (pretty sure they don’t support it though, so maybe it was a good thing). As you would expect, they had eftpos so there weren’t any issues there.

Day Two: Thursday

The second day was much more active, and I was very thankful for the extra room in my bag because I hadn’t had to bring my wallet. Catching the train in to work was the same as I normally keep my SmartRider in my business card holder, but I got my first hitch when getting a morning coffee. The cafe down the road from work has eftpos but there’s a surcharge on purchases under $10 so I was left with a decision, pay the 20c or use my cash and then be left dealing with coins (in hindsight, the easier and better option would have been to not buy a coffee and just make one at work) and I decided to fork out the extra.

Not too many issues throughout the rest of the day, and dinner was pretty easy as everything had been prepaid in advance. Although the drinks bill was split, thankfully my share was $10 so I used some of my cash. All-in-all it was a pretty good day considering how many different times I’d had to use my card.


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